Recruitment Programs for BU Law Students

The Career Development & Public Service Office (CDO) will help you plan for the career of your choice, meet prospective employers, and make connections through a broad range of recruitment programs.

On-Campus Interviewing (OCI)

Each year, from July through October, legal employers ranging from large firms, to small and mid-sized firms, as well as corporations, government agencies, and public interest organizations, come to campus to recruit BU Law students through our OCI Program.

Resume Collections

Throughout the year, additional employers across the US conduct resume collections with us, seeking BU Law’s talented students and graduates for their firms and organizations

Off-Campus Programs

BU Law students can participate in a number of off-campus recruiting programs in major cities including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington, DC, Philadelphia, and Miami, as well as specialized programs for patent candidates and government and public interest organizations.

Diversity Job Fairs

BU Law students participate in diversity job fairs in Boston and across the country, including job fairs for specific groups of students (e.g., students of color, LGBTQIA students, Latino students), as well as general diversity recruiting programs.

Employer Connections

Throughout the year, BU Law brings employers from all sectors to campus to meet with our students, so they have an opportunity to learn about specific practice areas, practice settings, and geographic regions, as well as the employers’ hiring practices. These meetings take a variety of forms, from employer presentations and receptions, to small group and individual advising sessions.