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BU Humanists at Work: Daniel Star and the Public Humanities

When Associate Professor of Philosophy Daniel Star was a graduate student, he was not encouraged to write for a general readership. “Public facing writing by academics was frowned upon as not a serious thing,” he explains. Traditionally, academics in the humanities ascend the ranks within their institution and garner recognition in their field by producing […]

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Center Hosts Annual Humanities Book Publication Celebration

Conversation abounded in CAS on March 23, 2023, as scholars and staff from across humanities and adjacent departments gathered to celebrate humanistic publications by BU faculty published within the last twelve months. The event highlighted 17 humanities publications ranging from monographs to anthologies to two thousand-page volumes.These publications evidenced the importance of the spirit of […]

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BU Humanists at Work: Meet Timothy Clark

“The field is changing, and you might be surprised by how it illuminates or gives you new perspectives about the modern world,” says Timothy Clark, Visiting Assistant Professor of Classical Studies.  While Clark acknowledges that “sitting around reading Latin and thinking big thoughts” is still a “valuable part of the classical studies discipline,” the associated […]

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BU Humanists at Work: Meet Stephanie Sheintul

Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy Stephanie Sheintul may be new to BU, but she’s ready to jump right into difficult conversations surrounding contemporary topics, and she encourages students to do the same. Sheintul recently received her doctorate from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, where she also acted as an instructor for undergraduate courses on contemporary […]


BU Humanists at Work: Meet Amy Hutchinson

Visiting Assistant Professor of Linguistics Amy Hutchinson stumbled into linguistics by accident.  As a freshmen at the University of South Florida, she set out to major in Public Health. After quickly realizing that Public Health wasn’t the right fit, she switched to an International Business major, which required her to become proficient in a foreign […]


BU Humanists at Work: Meet Micah Goodrich

Micah Goodrich’s scholarship knits together his two specialties in seemingly disjunct areas: medieval studies and trans studies. His recent and current work considers what he’s coined as “trans natures,” or “ways of inhabiting a body and inhabiting an environment that are in dialogue with medieval natural philosophy.”  In his publications and in the classroom, he […]


BU Humanists at Work: Meet Jennifer Cho

For Visiting Assistant Professor in English Jennifer Cho, writerly identity is not confined to paper, and social identity is never left behind at the doors to the classroom. The two identities are inseparable, both in Cho’s approach to teaching and in her research. This view of fundamentally interwoven identities lends itself to Cho’s examinations of […]