The Center is poised at this moment in time to further its original goals, to build on the four decades of accomplishment and prestige that BUCH has supported and brought to the University, and to secure the continued rise of BU as a global leader in innovative humanities-based scholarship, leadership, community engagement and creative work.

In its 2022/2023 report, the BUCH Expanded Charter has identified three new initiatives to focus the Center’s efforts in maintaining and enlarging its current programmatic scope:

Humanities Leadership:
The mission of the Humanities Leadership Initiative is to help nurture humanities leaders – leaders within the humanities (faculty and student scholars engaged in cutting-edge work) as well as leaders from the humanities.

Digital Humanities:
The Digital Humanities Initiative will respond to these challenges by supporting research into the development of innovative tools and methodologies for the curation, preservation, dissemination, creation and computational analysis of human culture in all its forms.

Humanities in the World:
The Humanities the World Initiative will promote and expand humanities research at BU that attends to global and Diaspora concerns, as well as transnational and local patterns of cultural transformation and movement that shape everyday life for most human beings throughout the world.