Each academic year, BUCH facilitates engagement with the humanities by highlighting innovative scholarship and collaborative projects, supporting ground-breaking  faculty publications with subventions, and acquainting the BU community with far-ranging humanistic inquiry through podcasts and written interviews with scholars, authors, and students.

BUCH faculty publication subventions ensure that BU remains a national leader in humanities research. To get a sense of the range of concerns, glance at the list of recent books published with a BUCH subvention.

The BUCH staff regularly conducts interviews with BU humanists to inform the wider BU community about the scholarship and projects that humanities faculty and students are engaged in. 

The BUCH Podcast creates a digital space where the personal and the global intersect. Students, scholars, and authors connect their experiences to larger societal challenges in conversations that are at the fore of humanistic inquiry. 

Dive deeper into the work of faculty by reading a faculty book review or author interview.