What is the Humanities Leadership Initiative?

The Humanities Leadership Initiative is conceived as a multi-level professional development pathway dedicated to building a pipeline of leaders and putting BU on the map as a leader in the humanities in a distinct and practical way. Building on BUCH’s demonstrated success, the HLI will seek to widen the connections between the humanities and leadership in and outside the academy, further developing the visibility and public humanities face of BUCH.

Who will this initiative engage? 

The Humanities Leadership Initiative will engage two constituencies:

  • Faculty and student scholars already pursuing cutting-edge work
  • Faculty and student ambassadors who will be trained to communicate the knowledge, skills, and values of the humanities in their works and lives to communities both within and outside the academy

Which current projects are related to this initiative? 

This work is already underway at BUCH with internship programs for undergraduates and graduate students, medical humanities research being pursued by faculty in the College of Arts & Sciences, the One and the Many at BU High School summer program, recent podcasts and workshops such as “Making Social Media Work for You: A Humanities Perspective,” and the recent volume edited by former Director Susan Mizruchi, Libraries and Archives in the Digital Age, sparked by an international conference organized by the BU Center for the Humanities.