Associate Director Margarita Guillory Featured in ArtxSciences Magazine

“You miss something when you do not incorporate [in your research] the ways in which these innovative technologies are impacting our lives, whether it’s from a philosophical standpoint, whether it’s from a religious standpoint, whether it’s from a sociological, economic, or political standpoint,” Guillory says. And the crux of technology and Black esoteric spirituality has […]

Center Launches Digital Humanities Initiative with Reception

On Thursday, November 9, 2023, the Center welcomed over thirty faculty members, administrators, graduate students, and undergraduates to Building Bridges: Connecting the Humanities and Technology. Attendees represented many departments and programs as well as schools and colleges. Conceived as a meet and greet, the crowd enjoyed lively conversation over refreshments and took full advantage of […]

BU Humanists at Work: Petrus Liu, Associate Professor of Chinese & Comparative Literature and Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies

Associate Professor of Chinese & Comparative Literature and Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Petrus Liu can’t imagine studying literature in just one language. Over the course of his career, Liu has picked up German, Latin, Thai, and Japanese in addition to Chinese and English, and each has proved itself “full of wonders.” Liu encourages his […]

Director Floyd Interviewed on Artificial Intelligence

Bostonia released an interview with Center Director Juliet Floyd, exploring why it may be time to slow the development of artificial intelligence. “AI can’t solve all our moral problems with algorithms, and it creates new problems. I strongly support further, intensive research into AI generally; in fact, I believe we need it desperately, and in […]

Center Hosts Annual Humanities Book Publication Celebration

Conversation abounded in CAS on March 23, 2023, as scholars and staff from across humanities and adjacent departments gathered to celebrate humanistic publications by BU faculty published within the last twelve months. The event highlighted 17 humanities publications ranging from monographs to anthologies to two thousand-page volumes.These publications evidenced the importance of the spirit of […]

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