As of July 2023, the BU Center for the Humanities is now led by a three-member directorial team: Juliet Floyd, Director; Margarita Guillory, Associate Director; and Daniel Abramson, Associate Director. The new directors are committed to implementing the three strategic initiatives envisioned in the BUCH Charter (2023): Humanities Leadership, Digital Humanities, and Humanities in the World.

Administrative Staff

In addition to helping carry out these new initiatives, the Center’s administrative staff continues to manage the Center’s fellowship program, organize Center events, furnish a weekly bulletin of humanities events and opportunities, and administer all of the Center’s competitions.


Each annual cohort of Center Fellows includes senior faculty, junior faculty, and PhD candidates selected though a competitive application process. Fellows participate in the regular Fellows Seminar where they present their work and benefit from multidisciplinary feedback and dialogue.

Executive Committee

Comprised of senior faculty members from humanities and related departments, the Executive Committee adjudicates the selection process for faculty and student competitions, together with the Director, and convenes twice a semester.