Episode One

Kathryn Lakin
Elizabeth Kostina

Center staff member Kathryn Lakin (’25) interviews Elizabeth Kostina (‘24), current BU undergraduate, co-founder of BU’s Armchair Journal, and digital scholar. The conversation explores the role of AI in scholarship, what it means to work across disciplines, and expanding the art history canon.

Episode Two

Professor and Associate Director Margarita Guillory
Silvia Miotti and Adrienne Vancura

Center Associate Director Margarita Guillory interviews Adrienne Vancura, a postdoc studying biomedical sciences at MIT, and Silvia Miotti, BU PhD student in Classics. The two discuss the connections between STEM and the humanities, the power of digital tools, and the ways they weave these together to produce Flowers on Mars

The Season Four podcasts are produced by Kathryn Lakin. The sound engineer is Cheryl Lai. The theme music is “Disco Food,” composed by All Good Folks.