Classical Studies PhD Student


Silvia Miotti (She/Her) is a Ph.D. candidate in Classical Studies at Boston University. She earned her BA (2009) and her MA (2012) in Philosophy from the University of Milan. She then obtained a post-graduate specialization in “Teaching Italian as a Foreign Language” from the Catholic University of Milan (2013). Before moving to Boston at BU she worked as a teacher in London and in Switzerland as well as a communication officer in Brussels. She has never lost her interest in studying and research as she continued working as a literary journalist, broadly analyzing philosophical implications of the new media and new technologies. In one of her latest articles, following the idea that the past can help us understand the present, she analyzed Aristotle’s “doctrine of the wisdom of the multitude”, as famously named by Jeremy Waldron in his reflection on Book III of the Politics, and she tried to understand why the concept is often wrongfully associated with the modern concept of collective intelligence promoted by the internet revolution.

Silvia wrote a satirical Sci-Fi novel, and when not engaged with research she likes writing short stories and dialogues for theatrical plays as well as hiking, biking and rock climbing.