Episode One

Kathryn Lakin
Nevaèh Calliste

Center staff member Kathryn Lakin (’25) interviews Nevaèh Calliste (’26), current BU undergraduate, and founder of Survivor’s Awareness, on her transition to college and her continuing service work. The conversation explores gaps in sex education and approaches to trauma management, the challenges of adapting to new environments, and the importance of building community.

Episode Two

Susan Mizruchi
Margarita Guillory

Susan Mizruchi, former Center Director and William Arrowsmith Professor in the Humanities, interviews Associate Professor of Religion and African American & Black Diaspora Studies Margarita Guillory on her journey from STEM to scholarship in the humanities. The discussion touches upon bias in STEM, the joys of teaching, and the relationship between technology and religion.

The Season Three podcasts are produced by Kathryn Lakin. The sound engineers for Episode One are Neveah Calliste and Kathryn Lakin. The sound engineer for Episode Two is Kathryn Lakin.The theme music is “Make Funk,” composed by Holizna.