MyMedia is a video repository for students and instructors to share multimedia content that would be otherwise too large to share via email or directly uploaded into Blackboard.

The MyMedia website ( is available to faculty who wish to create their own audiovisual repository for streaming audio and video.

Some use cases:

  • Instructors can upload videos they wish to play in class and then log into the website while in class, so they don’t need to bring the media on an external drive
  • Instructors can upload videos that they wish to share with other instructors using the “collaborate” feature
  • Instructors can upload videos they wish to use to make clips or video quizzes
  • Course coordinators could create course channels to share videos with all of the instructors of all sections in a course.
  • Instructors could upload videos that they wish to embed in Blackboard for their students(*) – See Blackboard and MyMedia below.


MyMedia and Blackboard

Instructors may insert media when creating materials by clicking the plus (+) icon in the text box and choosing Kaltura Media.  This allows for videos to be inserted into Content Area, Instructions for most Blackboard Activities such as Journals and Discussion Boards, Announcements, and Quiz/Survey questions and responses.

Students may insert media when competing assignments in Blackboard using the (+) icon in a text box and choosing Kaltura Media.  This allows for students to upload a video in a Journal, Discussion Board, or short answer test/survey.  See the video below, Uploading a Video to a Blackboard Assignment.

For instructors who wish their students to upload and see each other’s videos, use the Media Gallery tool located in Course Tools.  Students will see each other’s uploaded videos in the Media Gallery unless “moderate content” is chosen.

For instructors wishing to have students make clips, videos can be placed in the Media Gallery with allow clips to be made chosen (Actions, Edit, Options, Enable Clips).  Students will then have any clips made stored in their MyMedia for publishing to a course area, Media Gallery, or optionally downloaded.

For BU Hub Digital assignments, downloads may be enabled so that students may download and edit clips as part of a project or presentation.  To enable download of a file, choose Actions -> Edit -> Downloads, then click “Source”.  Place the file in the Course Media Gallery and if download is available, students may download the file.


Captioning/Subtitles in MyMedia

Any English-language content may be machine-captioned (free) or human captioned (cost) automatically by MyMedia.  Contact the staff for more information about options.

To upload captions/subtitles in MyMedia, a document called an SRT file may be created and uploaded.  See this guide on how to create an SRT file, and this guide on how to upload a SRT file.