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Month: May 2021

Taking Stock: Crisis Preparedness and Lessons Learned from the Great Recession

By Jake Werner A major crisis shakes a society, exerting pressure that aggravates existing cracks in its foundations and forces to the surface flaws that previously went largely unnoticed. A healthy response requires grappling with newly exposed dysfunctions and injustices and taking action to repair and heal the underlying causes. But those seeking such reforms […]

Chart of the Week: How Data Exclusivity Laws Impact Drug Prices

By Rachel Thrasher As a recent working paper by Michael Palmedo shows, countries that have enacted data exclusivity into their intellectual property laws have faced increased pharmaceutical import prices over the past 20 years: Data exclusivity is a form of intellectual property protection that applies specifically to data from pharmaceutical clinical trials. While innovator firms […]

Why Accounting for Financial Institutions is Key for Modeling Climate Mitigation Pathways

By Samantha Igo A drastic shift in climate policies and investments will be necessary to meet the Paris Agreement climate targets, fostering responsible and inclusive economic transitions across the globe.  Climate mitigation scenarios – such as those developed by the Network for Greening the Financial System, a reference platform of over 80 financial authorities known […]

Trading Away Industrialization? Contexts and Prospects of the EU-MERCOSUR Agreement

The EU-MERCOSUR free trade agreement (FTA) has yet to take effect, but would represent the largest trade deal for both blocs in terms of number of citizens involved. While previous studies have made projections for the FTA’s impacts, none of the past projections have taken adverse trends in employment, wage inequality and productivity growth among […]

Meet the 2021 Summer in the Field Fellows

The Boston University Global Development Policy Center is pleased to present the 2021 Summer in the Field Fellows. These four outstanding Boston University students are currently pursuing graduate degrees at different departments across the university, including the School of Public Health, the Pardee School of Global Studies and the Department of Political Science. The GDP […]

The New Coal Champion of the World: The Political Economy of Chinese Overseas Development Finance for Coal-Fired Power Plants

Why have China’s two policy banks with global operations, the China Development Bank and the Export-Import Bank of China, globalized their overseas development finance for coal-fired power plants, while leading development finance institutions elsewhere have pulled back from coal and China has cut back on coal-fired power expansion at home and augmented its international commitment […]