EU Views: Cornel Ban

Name: Cornel Ban
Nationality: Romanian
Occupation(s): Assistant Professor of International Relations, Co-Director of the Global Economic Governance Initiative
Connection to Europe: Cornel Ban’s main research focus is the political economy of the European union, and he is the author of numerous peer-reviewed articles on economic policy strategies in Southern Europe, Eastern Europe and Latin America, professionals and economic policy, the politics of IMF fiscal policy advice and European financial crisis management.
Date of interview: April 12th, 2017

In this episode, Cornel Ban speaks about the long-term implications of Brexit and the need for Europe to return to something resembling post-war paradigm in which employment and measures to reduce social inequalities formed the core of European economic policy. He then weighs the costs and benefits of a two-speed Europe, while condemning the blame-shifting among EU Member States onto debtor states and countries located at the periphery of Europe, as well as the emergence of new divisions in Europe in place of the former East-West divide. Ban ends by sharing his hope that Europeans remain optimistic and rediscover Europe’s traditional strengths of community, environmental sustainability, and progressive urbanism. His vision for Europe is a truly inspiring one, making this podcast well worth a listen.

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