How Will You Build Solutions?

Whether you major in Earth & Environmental Science or Environmental Analysis & Policy, our Department offers a wealth of opportunities we invite you to pursue.

The Department of Earth & Environment is a vibrant hub for natural and social science research and represents the future of interdisciplinary research into climate change. We study land use and land cover, hydrology, human-ecosystem interactions, remote sensing, oceanography, energy production and policy, consumption, just transitions, air quality, urban climate, sustainable development, and more.

During your time here, you can literally set sail around the world through the BU Marine Program (BUMP). Through living and learning at the Earth House, you can learn how sustainability functions across BU. Through popular study abroad programs in Australia, Belize, and New Zealand, you can learn how sustainability functions across the globe. Our minors in Sustainable Energy and Environmental Remote Sensing & GIS (Geographic Information Systems) capitalize on our nationally recognized faculty and their cutting-edge research. Our interdisciplinary programs in Marine Science and Geophysics & Planetary Sciences take advantage of key strengths throughout multiple departments in the College of Arts & Sciences. You can work with faculty in their laboratories, and you can join faculty and graduate students in their field work. Earth & Environment welcomes first-year students, transfer students, and international students.

For information on applying to any undergraduate program, visit BU Admissions.