Students in Earth and Environmental Sciences or Environmental Analysis & Policy have the opportunity to pursue both a BA and an MS offered as one coherent plan of study. This program generally allows the student to receive both the BA and the MS in five years or less. Students must apply to the program before March 1 of their junior year and must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher through the end of their junior year. Graduate courses must be completed with a grade of B– or better. At least 152 credits must be completed to fulfill the University credit requirements for the BA/MS in addition to all course requirements for each degree. A plan of study must be developed by the student and approved by his or her faculty advisor. Two BA/MS programs are offered:

To apply to one of the BA/MS programs, visit the GRS application page online here.

Application Deadlines

  • Spring 2021 Admissions: November 30
  • Fall 2021 Admissions: April 20

A Request for Waiver of Application Deadline form must be completed and signed by the department chair and submitted with an application that does not meet the deadline. Waivers are granted only under extraordinary circumstances.

For more information, contact:

James Baldwin, Director of Master’s Programs

  • Office: STO 457B, 675 Commonwealth Ave
  • Phone: 617-353-7551
  • Email:

Matt DiCintio, Graduate Program Coordinator

  • Office: CAS 131D, 685 Commonwealth Ave
  • Phone: 617-353-2529
  • Email: