The Department offers several minors for students both inside and outside the Department. We currently offer:

  • Minor in Earth & Environmental Sciences, which provides students with a framework for understanding the Earth’s natural science systems and environmental forces that shape human life. (20 credits)
  • Minor in Environmental Analysis & Policy, which trains students in the social sciences with a clearly defined specialization in the environmental field. (20 credits)
  • Minor in Environmental Remote Sensing & GIS, which gives students scientific and practical knowledge of the methodology and uses of remote sensing and geographic information systems. (20 credits)
  • Minor in Marine Science, which offers theoretical and practical expertise in all areas of marine science, including biological, chemical, geological, and physical. (20 credits)
  • Minor in Sustainable Energy, which exposes students to the interdisciplinary nature of energy studies and how it confronts the preeminent challenges facing humanity: a sustainable existence on Earth. (26 credits)