The Department of Earth & Environment offers two premier undergraduate degrees in the natural and social sciences:

The Department jointly administers two additional undergraduate degrees:


The Department offers multiple minors for expanded study.

BU Hub Requirements

Earth & Environment offers many opportunities for BU students to fulfill requirements.

BA/MS programs

Students majoring in Earth & Environment have the opportunity to earn a professional master’s degree along with their bachelor’s degree in our signature BA/MS programs. Undergraduates majoring in Earth & Environmental Science or Environmental Analysis & Policy can earn a master’s degree in:

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Students can deepen their education in Earth & Environment through experiential learning that provides hands-on experience, often in direct contact with faculty members and their lab teams.

Student Organizations

Earth & Environment supports student-led organizations that enhance the Department’s official curriculum with field trips, activism, publications, and camaraderie.

Study Abroad

Whether in Australia, Denmark, or Washington, D.C., many Earth & Environment students take advantage of study abroad and other unique opportunities available at Boston University. Visit BU Global Programs to explore the full range of opportunities.

For More Information

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    685 Commonwealth Avenue, Room 131C
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