Message of Support for Students

The following was sent to all Boston University students on Friday, February 17, 2023, from Jason Campbell-Foster, EdD, Interim Dean of Students and Dr. Judy Platt, MD, Chief Health Officer and Executive Director of Student Health Services.

Dear Boston University Students:

We write today, in the aftermath of the tragedy that occurred on the Charles River Campus late Wednesday evening. While the investigation into this matter remains ongoing – and we await answers to our shared questions – the impact this event may have had on you remains our greatest concern.

As with any significant event that takes place globally or locally, our focus remains on the care and wellbeing of each of you, whether or not you were directly impacted by this incident. While you attempt to process what occurred, we share with you our compassion, care, and commitment of support during what may be a very difficult time for you or for someone close to you. At the end of this message, we offer more information on where you and your fellow Terriers can find assistance.

In recent years, our world has experienced traumatic events that have had a significant impact on us as a community and as individuals. Our ability to come together during those times is what defines us as a campus community. As you have each and every day, look out for one another. Extend grace and kindness to someone who may need it. Take the time to pause and ask yourself how you are feeling. Reach out to university resources if you are concerned for your own wellbeing or if you have concerns for the safety and wellbeing of others. Please know that you are not alone.

In solidarity,

Jason Campbell-Foster, EdD
Interim Dean of Students          

Judy Platt, MD
Chief Health Officer & Executive Director of Student Health Services        


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