All the details you need about Matriculation 2019

Matriculation is an event that takes place every new school year, officially welcoming first-year students to Boston University.

Matriculation begins Sunday, September 1, 2019 at 2:00 pm in Agganis Arena (925 Commonwealth Avenue). Students will hear from President Robert A. Brown, faculty and student speakers. It is the only time the entire class of new students will be in the same place at the same time until their Commencement.

Parents and family members are welcome to attend the ceremony as well. They have their own section in the arena’s stands.

If parents and family members are unable to attend, the Matriculation ceremony will be livestreamed on the Parent and Family Programs website.

The Matriculation Ceremony will be preceded by the Matriculation Walk, in which students sport BU colors and gear as they celebrate entering the Boston University community. Students will begin the walk at their respective residence halls. Lineup times and locations are listed below.

For more information please email or call 617-353-4126.

Matriculation Walk Details

Area/Residence – Line up location – Line up time

East Campus
610 Beacon Street – Line up in back of residence hall – 12:35pm
All Bay State Road residences (including 91 and 140) – Line up in front of your residence hall – 12:35pm
575 Commonwealth Avenue – Line up in front of 140 Bay State Road – 12:40pm

Warren Towers/South Campus
700 Commonwealth Avenue – Marsh Plaza – 12:45pm
518 Park Drive and other South Campus residences – Marsh Plaza – 12:45pm

West Campus
1019 Commonwealth Avenue – GSU Plaza– 12:50pm
273 Babcock Street – GSU Plaza– 12:50pm
275 Babcock Street – GSU Plaza– 12:50pm
277 Babcock Street – GSU Plaza– 12:50pm


  1. Hello i’m an upcoming freshmen this fall and i’m wondering how long does this marticulation ceremony go on.
    It starts at 2 and ends at what time?
    Thank you for reading my comments!

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