Deaf or Hard of Hearing Students:How to Get Started

Set up American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreting and/or CART Services

The first step is to fill out an online intake form, and then set up an initial intake meeting with the Coordinator of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services. This meeting can be in-person, through zoom, videophone, or video relay services.

Email to set up this meeting.

Once you have been approved for accommodations, a formal letter is sent to your Academic Dean. Your Dean will review the accommodations to make sure all fit within the academic standards of your school. Once they approve this accommodation, in most cases, you are all set until graduation.

Registering for Classes:

Please let us know as soon as you register for classes so we can start seeking and booking your providers.

Please connect with your professors before the first class to discuss any pertinent information related to working with ASL Interpreters and/0r CART providers.  We will also send your professors’ information ahead of time, which you are welcome to read.

You will receive faculty accommodation letters listing approved accommodations and you should provide them to your professors.

We expect you to have ongoing communication with your service providers. Please exchange contact information and communicate directly about classroom needs, etc. if a conflict arises, we expect you to first try to resolve things together.  Feel free to bring us into the loop should those attempts prove unsatisfactory, or if there are other ways we can support you.

All scheduling changes must be notified to Coordinator of Deaf and hard of hearing services ahead of time. If you are going to be late for class, please let the coordinator know as soon as possible.

One-Time Requests:

DAS can also cover your needs for one time events, such as appointments at BU Student Health Services, meetings with a professor, a BU show or performance, and/or class presentations.  Please email your request: as early as possible, ideally two weeks if possible.

Please provide as much detail as possible:

What type of accommodations are needed?

Who is the consumer (s) requesting the accommodation?

What is the meeting for?

        What is the meeting or event about?

How many people are participating?

What is the date and start and end times.

Where is the location?