Equal Employment Opportunity

Since its founding in 1869, Boston University has been dedicated to equal opportunity and has opened its doors to students without regard to race, sex, creed, or other irrelevant criteria. Consistent with this tradition, it is the policy of Boston University to promote equal opportunity in educational programs and employment through practices designed to extend opportunities to all individuals on the basis of individual merit and qualifications, and to help ensure the full realization of equal opportunity for students, employees, and applicants for admission and employment. The University is committed to maintaining an environment that is welcoming and respectful to all.

Boston University prohibits discrimination against any individual on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, genetic information, military service, or because of marital, parental, or veteran status. This policy extends to all rights, privileges, programs, and activities, including admissions, financial assistance, educational and athletic programs, housing, employment, compensation, employee benefits, and the providing of, or access to, University services or facilities. Boston University recognizes that non-discrimination does not ensure that equal opportunity is a reality. Accordingly, the University will continue to take affirmative action to achieve equal opportunity through recruitment, outreach, and internal reviews of policies and practices.

The coordination and implementation of this policy is the responsibility of the Director of Equal Opportunity. The officers of the University and all deans, directors, department heads, and managers are responsible for the proper implementation of equal opportunity and affirmative action in their respective areas, and they are expected to exercise leadership toward their achievement. It is expected that every employee of Boston University will share this commitment and cooperate fully in helping the University meet its equal opportunity and affirmative action objectives.

Boston University has developed detailed procedures, described in its Complaint Procedures in Cases of Alleged Unlawful Discrimination or Harassment, by which individuals may bring forward concerns or complaints of discrimination and harassment. Retaliation against any individual who brings forward such a complaint or who cooperates or assists with an investigation of such a complaint is both unlawful and strictly prohibited by Boston University.

Inquiries regarding this policy or its application should be addressed to the Director of Equal Opportunity, Equal Opportunity Office, 888 Commonwealth Ave Suite 303, Boston, MA 02215, or call 617-353-9286.