Campus Accessibility

Boston University is committed to providing equal and integrated access for individuals with disabilities to all the academic, social, cultural, and recreational programs we offer. In keeping with our commitment, the University has created a detailed online map which shows the accessibility features for all major buildings and areas including each building’s accessible entrance location, automatic doors, audible traffic signals, and 24-hour campus emergency telephones.

Most of the Charles River Campus is located on flat land. Travel routes between buildings are on well-kept sidewalks and open walkways. To the extent possible, curb cuts, which allow users to plan the most efficient path of travel from one area of the campus to another, are marked on the map.

Although the achievement of complete architectural access is a work-in-progress for a campus as large, diverse, and historic as ours, this map provides the most accurate description of accessibility features available. For a complete map of the Boston University Charles River Campus, please visit BU Maps.

Other Access

For individuals with visual impairments, Disability & Access Services maintains an online list of major buildings with access points, including audible crosswalks.  Mobility orientation training for individuals with visual impairments as well as a variety of accommodations for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing ( including sign language interpreting, , Computer Aided Real Time Captioning or FM listening devices) are also available to members of the BU community who require that in order to access our programs and facilities.

Parking & Transportation

Accessible parking spaces are available in all of the University Sticker Parking Lots, both indoor and outdoor. Details are available at the Parking Services at (617) 353-2160.

Please note that anyone displaying a valid HP/V license plate or placard may park for free at any parking meter within the City of Boston as described under Article IV, Section 4, paragraph 3 of the Traffic Rules and Regulations-City of Boston (July 1, 1999).

The Boston University Shuttle (The BUS)

Throughout the year, the Boston University Shuttle Bus provides all students, staff and faculty with free on-campus transportation throughout each weekday and on weekends. Traveling along Commonwealth Avenue, the shuttle buses are equipped with wheelchair lifts as part of a fully integrated system. A new route map and computer app allows users to visualize routes and bus stops as well as real-time bus tracking.


Prospective students and families planning a visit to Boston University can contact the Admissions Visitors’ Reception Center at (617) 353-2318 in order to arrange to meet with an admissions representative in an accessible location. Prospective students requiring other accommodations such as American Sign Language interpreters or mobility guides can also arrange those through the Admissions Visitor Reception Center.


Boston University has undertaken a number of large-scale construction projects which will affect large portions of the campus. The projects currently underway, and others planned in the future, may modify accessible campus routes and impact parking. In an effort to provide the campus community with as much information as possible, Facilities  Management and Planning as well as Government and Community Affairs maintain updated information to provide the campus community with alerts, updates, and other important information.