Accommodations & Documentation

Students with qualifying disabilities who are enrolled in Boston University courses or programs may be eligible for reasonable accommodations. Students seeking accommodations must engage in an interactive process with, and provide appropriate documentation of their disability to, Disability & Access Services (DAS).

DAS is happy to assist visiting students, non-traditional students, and faculty and staff who are taking courses.

Appropriate documentation varies greatly depending on disability diagnosis, provider preferences, and the student’s state or country of origin. If you or your provider are not sure what documentation to submit, use one of our disability verification forms, which ask specific questions based on the type of disability or accommodation:

  1. Learning Disability
  2. ADHD Disability
  3. Psychiatric/Anxiety
  4. Medical Disability
  5. Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI)
  6. Visual Impairment 
  7. Temporary Disability
  8. Food-Related Medical Conditions 
  9. Housing Accommodations