The Data Science Initiative at the Hariri Institute for Computing is pleased to host the 3rd Annual BU Data Science (BUDS) Day on Friday, January 26th, 2018. BUDS Day 2018 is co-chaired by Assistant Professor Neha Gondal (Sociology, College of Arts & Sciences) and Assistant Professor Brian Kulis (Electrical & Computer Engineering, College of Engineering).

BU Data Science (BUDS) Day
Friday, January 26, 2018, 8:30 am – 5:30 pm
Metcalf Hall, 2nd Floor of the George Sherman Union
775 Commonwealth Avenue

Boston University

Online Registration has closed.
Online registration has closed. We encourage anyone who wants to attend but has not registered to check-in at the event registration table after 9:15am on the day of the event. If there is space in the conference hall, walk-in registrants will be welcome to attend the event.

Audience: anyone who builds, analyzes, or utilizes computational and statistical methods, tools, and software artifacts to collect, curate, store, transfer, analyze, or visualize various types of data in their work or research.

[data science: methodological, generalizable, and scalable extraction of knowledge from data by developing and applying methods from computer science and statistics and by building software artifacts to collect, curate, analyze, mine, synthesize, and visualize various types of data]

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Attendee Check-In (light refreshments available)
Welcome & Opening Remarks
Session I – Epigenetics Panel
Session II – Perspectives: How Is Technology Changing Privacy?
Lunch (with thematic table assignments)
Student Poster Lightning Presentations
Session III – AI Panel
Break – Poster Session & coffee/networking
Session IV – Perspectives: How Does Big Data Produce Unintended Consequences?
Closing Remarks

*Agenda and session times are subject to change.

Panel Sessions: presenting important research thrusts at BU and exploring how they interact with a variety of disciplines and applications.

  • The Epigenetics Panel looks at this emerging field and the importance of the epigenome for health and disease, its alteration by environmental exposures, and its role in the social sciences.
  • The AI Panel showcases the diversity of AI research at BU and beyond, including opportunities for intersections with other research areas at BU.

Perspectives Sessions: presenting diverse views on the challenges and opportunities facing researchers and data scientists.

  • The How Is Technology Changing Privacy? session explores how new technologies for data collection and analysis are transforming the way people think about privacy. The panel brings together perspectives from both law and computer science.
  • The How Does Big Data Produce Unintended Consequences? session discusses the unforeseen and often perverse effects of a growing reliance on big data and algorithmic solutions to social challenges.

Poster Presentations: 2-minute lightning presentations by BU students.

  • This year’s event will feature a poster session and 2-minute lightning presentations by BU students pursuing data science research. Students are nominated by BU faculty members.

BUDS Day Co-Chairs

Neha Gondal
Assistant Professor
Boston University

Brian Kulis
Assistant Professor
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Boston University

BUDS Day Planning Committee

Azer Bestavros, William Fairfield Warren Distinguished Professor
Department of Computer Science, College of Arts & Sciences
Founding Director, Hariri Institute for Computing

John Byers, Professor
Department of Computer Science, College of Arts & Sciences
Data Science Faculty Fellow, Data Science Initiative

Neha Gondal, Assistant Professor
Department of Sociology, College of Arts & Sciences
Co-chair, BUDS 2018

Brian Kulis, Paul J. Levine Career Development Assistant Professor
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, College of Engineering
Co-chair, BUDS 2018