The Center for Systems Neuroscience is home to more than 80 individual laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and talented researchers. From the Laboratory of Cognitive Neurobiology at the BU School of Medicine to the Cognition & Decision Lab in the Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences, our labs are embedded across schools and campuses, encouraging rich collaboration across disciplines.

The Atema Lab Jelle Atema
Laboratory for Intelligent Mechatronics John Baillieul
Neural Systems Laboratory Helen Barbas
Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Media (AIEM) Margrit Betke
Bifano Lab Thomas Bifano
Bio Optical & Acoustic Spectroscopy Lab David Boas
The Bryant Lab Camron Bryant
Chand Lab Chand Chandrasekaran
Chen Lab Jerry Chen
Binaural Hearing Laboratory H. Steven Colburn
Vision & Cognition Laboratory Alice Cronin-Golomb
Davison Lab Ian Davison
Denison Lab Rachel Denison
DePasquale Lab Brian DePasquale
Neurovascular Imaging Laboratory Anna Devor
Laboratory of Cognitive Neurobiology Tara Moore Douglas Rosene
Economo Lab Michael Economo
Laboratory of Molecular Neurobiology David Farb
The Gabel Lab Christopher Gabel
Laboratory for Learned Neural Dynamics & Cortical Prediction Jeffrey Gavornik
Cortical & Computational Decoding of Speech Oded Ghitza
Motor Development Lab Simone Gill
The Guenther Lab Frank Guenther
Han Lab Xue Han
Harris Lab David Harris
Laboratory for Computational Neurophysiology Michael Hasselmo
Ho/Beffert Lab Angela Ho
Theoretical Cognitive Neuroscience Lab Marc Howard
Howe Lab Mark Howe
Keck Laboratory for Network Physiology Plamen Ivanov
Laboratory of Behavioral Neuroscience Kathleen Kantak
Developing Minds Lab Melissa Kibbe
Aphasia Research Laboratory Swathi Kiran
Lin Laboratory Jen-Wei Lin
The Ling Lab Sam Ling
Laboratory of Cellular Neurobiology Jennifer Luebke
The Man Lab Heng-Ye Man
Cognition & Decision Lab Joe McGuire
McKee Lab Ann McKee
Neural Systems Laboratory Maria Medalla
Biomicroscopy Lab Jerome Mertz
Meyer Lab Heidi Meyer
Glia Engineering Lab Tim O’Shea
Network Optimization & Control (NOC) Lab Yannis Paschalidis
Communications Neuroscience Research Laboratory Tyler Perrachione
High Dimensional Photonics Lab Siddharth Ramachandran
Ramirez Lab Steve Ramirez
Reinhart Lab Robert Reinhart
Roussarie Lab Jean-Pierre Roussarie
Laboratory of Translational Epilepsy (LTE) Shelley Russek
Laboratory of Addictive Disorders Valentino Sabino
Brain Plasticity and Neuroimaging Laboratory Karin Schon
Laboratory Of Comparative Cognition Ben Scott
Natural Sounds and Neural Coding Lab Kamal Sen
Laboratory of Cellular Biology of the Basal Ganglia Jean-Jacques Soghomonian
Neuroimaging, Perception, & Attention Laboratory David Somers
The Stangl Laboratory Matthias Stangl
Cognitive Neuroimaging Laboratory Chantal Stern
The Stern Lab Robert Stern
Center for Autism Research Excellence (CARE) Helen Tager-Flusberg
Brain and Early Experiences Lab Amanda Tarullo
Tay Lab Tuan Leng Tay
TCW Laboratory Julia TCW
Brain & Vision Research Laboratory Lucia Vaina
Wallace Lab Michael Wallace
Neuronal Dynamics Laboratory John White
Laboratory of Neurodegeneration Benjamin Wolozin
Computational Neuroscience & Vision Lab Arash Yazdanbakhsh
Younger Lab Meg Younger
Laboratory of Intellectual Disorders Ella Zeldich
Muscle Research Laboratory Lan Zhou
Human Systems Neuroscience Lab Basilis Zikopoulos
Communication and Neurodevelopment Lab (CaNDL) Jennifer Zuk