Welcome to the Aphasia Research Laboratory at Boston University

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  • Boston University Aphasia Research Laboratory

    Offering different treatments for individuals with aphasia.

  • Research in the Aphasia Lab

    Our research spans four broad areas in order to achieve better treatment outcomes.

  • Neural Markers

    We use brain-based biomarkers as potential measures that correlate to the linguistic, behavioral, and cognitive characeristics of aphasia.

  • Neural Markers

    We use neuroimaging studies that focus on localizing activation and other changes associated with aphasic language recovery over the course of treatment.

  • Cognitive & Language Markers

    We look at the nature of cognitive control and extra linguistic markers of language recovery.

  • Cognitive & Language Markers

    We continue to explore the cognitive and linguistic deficits that often accompany aphasia such as executive function, attention, and memory.

  • Effective Treatment

    We examine various aspects of rehabilitation throughout the course of treatment.

  • Effective Treatment

    Using the data available, we choose the best treatment on an individual basis.

  • Predictive Modeling

    With the help of complex algorithms and through examining several patterns of generalization we aim to predict individual treatment outcomes.

  • Predictive Modeling

    By combining an individual's unique characteristics, we hope to be able produce accurate predictions on each individual's outcomes.

  • Better Treatment Outcomes

    Through our work investigating cognitive-linguistic and neural markers, applying predictive modeling to optimize recovery, and establishing effective treatments, we hope to advance aphasia rehabilitation to the next level.

The lab is directed by Dr. Swathi Kiran, Professor, Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences, Sargent College. The primary goal of the lab is to understand language processing and communication following brain damage. Research in the lab makes use of Neuroimaging, neurolinguistic, psycholinguistic and neurobehavioral tools in investigating pertinent questions related to Aphasia.

We are part of the Center for Neurobiology of Language Recovery.

We are also involved with Constant Therapy Inc, an online health system that provides ongoing rehabilitation services to patients via iPads, and Android devices. Constant Therapy rehabilitation services currently focus on patients with communication and cognitive disorders.

Also, visit our National Aphasia Association page!


To watch lab members’ recent TedxBU talks, conference presentations, and more, click here.


Featured Article:

Read about our recent article featured in the ASHA Leader, the monthly newsmagazine for audiologists, speech-language pathologists, and speech, language, and hearing scientists.

Lindsey Foo, MA, CCC-SLP, and BU Master’s students with the ICCR program’s students.


The Lab is located at:

Rm 326 Speech Language and Hearing Sciences
Boston University Sargent College
635 Commonwealth Ave. Boston, MA  02215

Phone Number: 617-353-2706

Email: aphasiaresearchlaboratory@gmail.com









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