Brain and Early Experiences Lab

In the BEE Lab, we are interested in how parents support healthy brain development in the first years of life. We also investigate how children learn to control their attention and emotions.

In the News:

  • Dr. Tarullo recently spoke with WBUR about the role of caregiver interactions toward a child’s brain development and the importance of examining early childhood experiences. Check it out!
  • Dr. Tarullo’s research was recently highlighted in a Knowable Magazine article about sleep and learning in infants and young children. Check it out!
  • Dr. Tarullo answered questions about the science of parenting and the secret to getting a baby to sleep for Boston University’s Alumni Magazine. Check it out!
  • Dr. Tarullo, BEE Lab Director, was named Outstanding Early Career Psychologist of the American Psychological Association Division 52, International Psychology. Check out a video about the BEE Lab’s international work!

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Want to volunteer? Research Assistants in the BEE Lab learn about developmental neuroscience techniques and behavioral research while working with young children and their parents. A friendly personality and prior experience with children are essential!

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