The Center for Systems Neuroscience offers a limited number of postdoctoral fellowships. The goal of this program is to bring new postdoctoral researchers to Boston University who will contribute to the development and use of new techniques (viz. calcium imaging, optogenetics, label of cell-type specific populations of neurons, neuroimaging). CSN fellows are fully funded for two years for research at the postdoctoral level with faculty from the neuroscience community in all colleges at Boston University.

Current CSN Fellows

Dr. Alexander Ian More, working with Profs. Jenny Luebke, Chand Chandrasekaran, and Maya Medalla

Dr. Florencia Fernandez-Chiappe, working with Prof. Meg Younger

Dr. Cristina Delgado Sallent, working with Profs. Steve Ramirez and Benjamin Scott

Dr. Caitlin Lienkaemper, working with Prof. Gabriel Ocker

Previous CSN Fellows

Dr. Brenna Fearey, working with Prof. Mark Howe

Dr. Vicky Moya, working with Prof. Michael Economo

Dr. Gary Kane, working with Prof. Benjamin Scott

Dr. Eric Lowet, working with Prof. Xue Han

Dr. Joshua Foster, working with Prof. Sam Ling

Dr. Tashauna Blankenship, working with Prof. Melissa Kibbe

Dr. Leah Bakst, working with Prof. Joe McGuire