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Marcia Yates

May 25th, 2021

Software Architect and Lecturer Marcia Yates Works on Medical Devices that Sustain Life and Provide Advanced Patient Care Marcia Yates Lecturer, Computer Science Principal Software Architect in the Medical Device Industry MS in Computer Science (MET’90) What is your area of expertise? For many years, I have been a high-tech executive in roles like chief technology officer, chief information officer, and vice president of engineering, always combined with enterprise or other complex architecture assignments. For the past 20 years, I've worked exclusively in healthcare, chiefly DNA sequencing and genetics. I'm really a generalist who has worked in many different business domains, but regarding specific expertise, it... More

Apoorva Tamaskar

May 25th, 2021

BU MET Helps Alumna Apoorva Tamaskar Move Beyond Theory to Develop Real-World Skills Apoorva Tamaskar MS in Computer Science (MET’21) What compelled you to return to school and pursue a graduate education? What is your long-term objective? The knowledge I acquired during my undergraduate studies in India was only theoretical; I didn't have any idea about the issues I might face in the real world. Overall, I lacked exposure to the software side of things, what technology to use, and more. With the knowledge and skills gained from this program, I hope to be able to work as a quantitative analyst at a medical/financial... More

Dawson Lee Williams

May 14th, 2021

Holder of Multiple Cellular and Satellite Data Communications Patents Brings Expertise to Students Dawson Lee Williams Lecturer, Computer Science; Chief of Research & Product Development for Plum Laboratories MBA, Emory University; MS in Computer Information Systems (MET’13) Dawson Lee Williams is a BU MET faculty member who first got to know the college as a student. In 2013, he earned his master's degree in Computer Information Systems. Today, in his professional capacity Williams works as chief of research and product development for Plum Laboratories Inc., a provider of portable high-speed data communications equipment based in Springfield, TN. In the classroom, Williams brings his students over 40... More

Diego Lopez

May 14th, 2021

Former Academic Advisor & Mathematics Tutor Uses BU MET Degree to Pivot to Software Development Diego Lopez Software Developer at MIT Lincoln Laboratory MS in Software Development (MET’20) What compelled you to return to school and pursue a graduate education? What is your long-term objective? Before pursuing my studies at BU, I worked in education as an academic advisor and mathematics tutor. I really enjoy learning and teaching, and wanted to one day teach computer science in a community college. One of the requirements to do so is a master's degree, so I decided to continue my studies at BU. Before going back into education, More

Farshid Alizadeh-Shabdiz

April 1st, 2021

BU MET Professor with Deep Industry Experience Holds 57 Patents Licensed by Apple, Google and Others Dr. Farshid Alizadeh-Shabdiz Associate Professor of the Professional Practice PhD, George Washington University; MBA, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Alfred P. Sloan School of Management); MSEE, Tehran University; BSEE, Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran What is your area of expertise? I have specialized in a variety of areas. These include artificial intelligence; machine learning and deep learning; beacon positioning systems and the Global Positioning System (GPS); signal processing; and networking. Please tell us about your work. Can you share any current research or recent publications? I hold 57 US patents... More

Shu Zhou

April 1st, 2021

Alumnus Shu Zhou Values Advice from BU MET Faculty on Both Personal and Professional Matters Shu Zhou MS in Computer Science (MET’20) Why did you choose MET for your graduate studies? What set MET apart from other programs you were considering? Metropolitan College has started to grow a lot in recent years. The MS in Computer Science is a very handsome program. It is my honor to have been a graduate student here. The course structure was practical and useful, and provided me hands-on practice and professional knowledge. During my period of study, I learned everything I would need in the real world. The faculty are highly... More

Mike Levinger

March 12th, 2021

Build Your Own: CS Professor Mike Levinger Helps Students Build Healthcare Information Systems Mike Levinger Lecturer, Computer Science; Chief Operating and Information Officer, Primaris Healthcare MS, Columbia University; BA, Brown University What is your area of expertise? My expertise is in healthcare information systems and technologies like Electronic Health Records (EHRs), hospital information systems, and integrated healthcare technologies with an emphasis on their use by healthcare providers and patients. I focus especially on the successful deployment and use of these systems and technologies. Please tell us about your work. What are your current projects? My company helps large healthcare providers (like hospitals), integrated delivery networks and... More

Matthew Schuckmann

March 12th, 2021

Words to Live By: Excellence in Graduate Study Award Recipient Matthew Schuckmann Follows Maxim from Faculty to “Reduce Complexity” Matthew Schuckmann Investigator, United States Food and Drug Administration, Office of Pharmaceutical Quality Operations MS in Software Development (MET’20) What do you find most fascinating about the discipline of software development? Do you have a particular focus within the broader field? My favorite part of software development is the creative process. There’s real artistic freedom in choosing what to make and how to bring it into the world. Importantly, there are so few barriers to creating software, at least on the scale of what I enjoy... More

Mary Lucas

February 9th, 2021

Excellence in Graduate Study Award Recipient and Nurse Mary Lucas Gains Valuable Health Informatics Expertise Through MSCIS That Propels Career Pivot Mary M. Lucas RN Care  Management Coordinator, Independence Blue Cross Master of Science in Computer Information Systems, concentration in Health Informatics and Data Analytics (MET’20) What do you find most fascinating about the discipline of computer information systems? Do you have a particular focus within the broader field? I am very interested in the intersection of computer information systems and healthcare. A lot of data is generated every time an individual interfaces with any part of the healthcare system, whether it’s a doctor’s visit, a... More

Madani Naidjate

January 4th, 2021

Dr. Madani Naidjate (ENG’84, GRS’91) Shares His Passion for Algorithmic Solutions to Practical Problems Madani Naidjate Lecturer, Computer Science Professor of Mathematics and Director, Berenson Center for Mathematics at Dean College PhD, MS, Boston University; BS, Algiers Polytechnic Institute (Algeria) What is your area of expertise? I specialize in applied mathematics, telecommunications, and computing. Please tell us about your work. Can you share any current research or recent publications? To begin my career, I worked in IT and consulting for a financial firm for about twelve years. About twenty years ago, I switched to academia on a full-time basis. I have always been interested in teaching and sharing... More