Dawson Lee Williams

Holder of Multiple Cellular and Satellite Data Communications Patents Brings Expertise to Students

Dawson Lee Williams
Lecturer, Computer Science;
Chief of Research & Product Development for Plum Laboratories

MBA, Emory University; MS in Computer Information Systems (MET’13)

Dawson Lee Williams is a BU MET faculty member who first got to know the college as a student. In 2013, he earned his master’s degree in Computer Information Systems. Today, in his professional capacity Williams works as chief of research and product development for Plum Laboratories Inc., a provider of portable high-speed data communications equipment based in Springfield, TN.

In the classroom, Williams brings his students over 40 years’ experience in communications and IT. A specialist in cellular and satellite data communications, Williams for over a decade was chairman of the board and CEO of a mid-sized IT infrastructure firm. Just in the past four years, he has received 11 patents for his work and has another five pending.

Williams recalls that as a BU student, he learned a tremendous amount that he applies on a regular basis in his work—knowledge such as DevOps and networking concepts. Completing the circle, he now often brings ideas and observations from his professional pursuits into the classroom. “While academic concepts are important, we want to expose our students to real-life situations,” he observes.

Williams teaches both Information Systems Analysis and Design (MET CS 682) and IT Strategy and Management (MET CS 782). In Systems Analysis, his students benefit most from learning the “art of balancing” analysis and design. “One cannot have a UML diagram for every aspect of the project,” he says, “so choosing which ones to employ is very important and also very real-world.” In IT Strategy, students come to understand the impact IT can have on a firm. The course demonstrates the power of using technology in a proactive way, and the significant financial consequences that it can have for a firm.

Williams especially enjoys working with students and has appreciated the emails several have sent about the positive impact his courses have had on them. “That is extremely fulfilling to me,” he notes.

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