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Red Hat hosts 32 BU interns at the cutting edge

From BU Today – As a computer science major, Chloe Kaubisch was already looking for a tech internship last November when an opportunity surfaced at the Boston office of Red Hat. She knew the fast-growing company was the leading provider of open-source enterprise software, but what sealed it for her was the chance to work on ChRIS Research […]

Harsh Patel (CAS’19) and Teammates win Health Track at HackRice

Congratulations to Harsh Patel (CAS ’19) and his team for winning the Health Track at HackRice, a hackathon held at Rice University in Houston, Texas from September 22 – 24th. Harsh and his teammates built a medical device for individuals with dementia and alzheimer’s, using just a Raspberry Pi Kit and less than $50 of materials, and […]

Tom Cheng and Ying Ye Win Best Student Paper at RTAS/CPS Week 2017

CS PhD students Zhuoqun Tom Cheng and Ying Ye along with their advisor, Professor Rich West, have received the Best Student Paper Award at the Real-Time and Embedded Technology and Application Symposium (RTAS)/Cyber-Physical System Week 2017 for their paper “Building Real-Time Embedded Applications on QduinoMC: A Web-connected 3D Printer Case Study.” Congratulations to Tom, Ying, […]

CS students and faculty win award at BU Scholar’s Day

We are happy to announce that a team consisting of CS PhD students Sarah Bargal, Shugao Ma, Jianming Zhang, Professor Stan Sclaroff, and Leonid Sigal (Disney Research) has won the Office of Technology Development Award at BU’s scholar’s day! Congratulations Sarah, Shugao, Jianming, Stan, and Leonid!