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Procedures for requesting routine maintenance or trades services are slightly different for students, faculty/staff, and tenants of rental properties.

There are three scenarios in which a user may need to request services from Facilities.

  • Routine maintenance
  • Non-routine maintenance
  • Emergencies

Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance includes things such as replacing lightbulbs, unclogging plumbing, and repairing broken windows or doors, among others. Please use the list below to determine whom you should contact if you need to make a routine maintenance service request.

Non-Routine Maintenance

Non-routine maintenance includes things like moving furniture, event set-ups, changing locks, and renovations. The costs of these services are the responsibility of the department making the request. Please use the list below to determine whom you should contact if you need to make a non-routine maintenance service request.

  • Faculty/Staff—Contact your department’s administrator, who will be able to submit a Facilities Service Request (FSR) in CAMMS. If you have been authorized to make requests on behalf of your department and you need to set up a new account in CAMMS, please contact Zhonghong Peng or Krishna Chiareddy.
  • Rental Tenant—Contact Real Estate.

Project & Space Requests

As of January 2019, requests can be submitted via the University’s new project management system, PMWeb. Training opportunities for requestors and approvers are available. For a schedule of trainings or to learn more about our project management system, please contact Gerry Broderick.


Situations that jeopardize life or public safety, or that render your room, office, or classroom unlivable such as:

  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Power outage
  • Roof or ceiling leak
  • Too hot/too cold indoors, and/or unusual noise or odor from heating/cooling vents
  • Toilet stopped/overflowing
  • Broken lock/lock-out
  • Broken window or door
  • Bodily fluids
  • Chemical spills

In the event of an emergency, please contact the Operations Service Center if you are on the Charles River Campus or Fenway Campus at 617-353-2105, or the Control Center at 617-358-4144 if you are on the Medical Campus.