Security alarms, both keypunch and card-access systems, are located throughout the campus for purposes of security and to limit access to certain areas.

System is working but you cannot gain access

If the card-swipe or keypad seems to have power flowing to it but your card does not allow access or your keypunch code does not work, contact the department responsible for that area so they can check the card or confirm that the access code has not been changed. We cannot give out security codes or provide access cards. Since these systems are in place for security purposes, we do not have access to security codes or replacement cards. If you cannot gain access to a secure area, you must contact the department involved. We are not authorized to grant access under any circumstances.

System does not have power

If a system appears to be completely out of order, it may be a power problem. During business hours, notify the department whose facility you are trying to enter. They will contact us to send a University electrician to make sure that the unit has electrical power. At night or on weekends, call our Operations Service Center at 617-353-2105. Please note that we can only notify the security alarm vendor if the appropriate department is unable to do so and if they have provided us with the vendor’s contact information.

For questions, please contact the Building Security Systems team.