Brandon Jones

Managing Editor, Arion

Curriculum Vitae

I began as managing editor of Arion: A Journal of Humanities and the Classics after serving as a full-time faculty member in the Department of Classical Studies for four years. You can learn more about the award-winning international journal, Arion, here. If you have engaging work on Classics and Humanities that integrates learning and imagination, please think about sending it along to us for consideration. We read carefully and quickly, produce one of the highest quality print journals in the field, and have a uniquely interesting and interested readership.

When I am not reading, editing, and designing fascinating work for Arion, I relish continued opportunities to teach and enjoy doing it across and beyond the Classical canon, exploring the avenues through which my students’ curiosity and interests travel. Recent topics include ancient Sicily, race and ethnicity in the ancient Mediterranean, and the impact of ancient languages and thought on modern sciences, as well as a variety of authors from Thucydides to Ovid, Tacitus to Claudian. I also have a particular fondness for teaching Greek and Latin language at the early stages during which students acquire and display tremendous amounts of learning in brief periods of time.

My research interests lie mostly in Greek and Roman literature, history and culture in the first few centuries CE. My favorite authors tend to be those who embody the multi-cultural world that was the Ancient Mediterranean. I have, for example, been a proud member of the International Cassius Dio Network and have several publications on this intriguing author, who was both a Bithynian Greek and a Roman senator. And in my current book project, Greek Education, Roman Status: Studies of Paideia in Latin Prose, I explore the ways in which and the reasons why the Latin-speaking elite (such as Quintilian, Tacitus, Pliny the Younger, and Suetonius) acquired and displayed an education that was steeped in Greek language and culture.

I am a Massachusetts native, having returned after spending a pleasant decade learning and teaching in what may seem to be an unlikely trio of locales: Washington, Rome, and Mississippi. Travel, cycling, live music, and cooking are among my hobbies.

If you have interests in or questions about the ancient Mediterranean world, Classical Studies at BU, or potential projects for Arion, I hope you will write me, visit my office, or join one of my classes.