Professor of Archaeology, Anthropology, and Classical Studies

Curriculum Vitae


Areas of Interest

Prehistoric archaeology of Greece and neighboring regions; early hominin dispersals; lithic technology; history of archaeology


Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London
Senior Associate Member of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens

Excavations and Fieldwork

Professor Runnels has conducted research in Greece and neighboring regions in the eastern Mediterranean (e.g., Albania and Turkey) since 1973 on a wide range of subjects ranging from the early Palaeolithic occupation of the region, to the origins of agriculture, and the emergence of warfare in the Neolithic.  His current research is focused on early hominin dispersals in the Mediterranean basin and around the world.  He has recently conducted surveys and laboratory studies on early stone tools as evidence of such dispersals on the island of Crete (Greece) and in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park in California, amongst other venues.  He is also conducting research on prehistoric seafaring.

Teaching Awards

The Frank and Lynne Wisneski Award for Excellence in Teaching, College of Arts and Sciences, 2003
Archaeological Institute of America Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching, 1997.

Representative Publications

Thomas P. Leppard and Curtis Runnels, 2017, “Maritime Hominin dispersals in the Pleistocene: advancing the debate,” Antiquity 91: 510-519.

Duncan Howitt-Marshall and Curtis Runnels, 2016, “Middle Pleistocene sea-crossings in the eastern Mediterranean?” Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 42: 140-153.

Curtis Runnels, 2014, “Early Palaeolithic on the Greek Islands?” Journal of Mediterranean Archaeology 27: 211-230.

Curtis Runnels, Chad DiGregorio, Karl W. Wegmann, Sean F. Gallen, Thomas F. Strasser and Eleni Panagopoulou, 2014, “Lower Palaeolithic Artifacts from Plakias, Crete: Implications for Hominin Dispersals,” Eurasian Prehistory 11 (1-2): 129-152.

Brandon R. Olson, Jody M. Gordon, Curtis Runnels, and Steve Chomyszak, 2014, “Experimental Three-Dimensional Printing of a Lower Palaeolithic Handaxe: An Assessment of the Technology and Analytical Value,” Lithic Technology 39 (3): 162-172.

Thomas F. Strasser, Curtis Runnels, Karl Wegmann, Eleni Panagopoulou, Floyd McCoy, Chad DiGregorio, Panagiotis Karkanas, and Nick Thompson, 2011, “Dating Palaeolithic Sites in Southwestern Crete, Greece,” Journal of Quaternary Science 26: 553-560.

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