A Master of Arts in Classics & Archaeology is recommended for students who hope to pursue a PhD in Archaeology, Ancient History, Art History, or Classics; to move into cognate humanistic fields; or to pursue employment in fields where knowledge of classical and Near Eastern antiquity is valuable, such as museums, heritage management, historic preservation, and tourism. This degree will give students training in ancient Greek and Latin, archaeological methods and practices, and the study of ancient Mediterranean material culture, and will make them competitive for the best PhD programs in classics as well as classical archaeology, both in the United States and abroad. It will also allow students to apply for PhDs in cognate fields of art history, ancient history, and religion.

To enter the program, students must have completed four semesters of both ancient Greek and Latin.

In addition, this program will enable students pursuing the new BA in Classics & Archaeology to continue into the (new) BA/MA in Classics & Archaeology in their fifth year.