As of  June 21, 2021

James Aglio
Homeric Formulas and the Verbs of the Iliad
First Reader: Scully

Zara Amdur
Women and Metaphors of Sexual Reproduction in Plato
First Reader: Roochnik

William Bruckel
Athens’ Tragic Sage: the Solonian Tradition in the Plays of Aeschylus
First Reader: Scully

Victoria Burmeister
Witches and Space in Ancient Roman Literature from Horace to Apuleius
First Reader: Uden

Maya Chakravorty
Kinship, Republican Statesmen, and Virtus in Roman Imperial Literature
First Reader: Uden

Shannon DuBois
Asexuality, the Invisible Interpretation: Compulsory Sexuality and Asexual Behavior in Ovid’s Metamorphoses
First Reader: Kronenberg

Matthew Kelley
Moenia Sine Fine: Vergil’s Use of Homer’s Wall Theme
First Reader: Scully

Peter Kotiuga
Rhythm and Character in Homer’s Iliad
First Reader: Scully

Alicia Matz
Diana in Augustan Literature and Culture
First Reader: Kronenberg

Ian Nurmi
The Voice of Grief: Post-War Lament in Ovid’s Heroides
First Reader: Kronenberg

Joshua Paul
Until Death? The Afterlife in Latin Love Elegy
First Reader: Uden

Amanda Rivera
The Living Tree in Greek Epic
First Reader: Nelson

Curtis Snyder
Aristotle’s “Organic” Theory of Civil Conflict
Frist Reader: Roochnik