The dual-degree program is designed for those who wish to acquire a strong competency in ancient philosophy and to add a specialization in Classical Studies to a PhD in Philosophy. Both components of the program call for the fulfillment of the usual requirements of either degree but allow for special emphasis on ancient philosophy and the study of ancient Greek and/or Latin and knowledge of the history of Greek and/or Roman literature. For those who wish to concentrate almost entirely in Philosophy, please apply to the PhD program in Philosophy.

On fulfilling all degree requirements, the candidate will receive a regular PhD degree in Philosophy as well as a regular Masters in Classical Studies. The Philosophy component of the dual degree will equip the candidate with a special competence in ancient philosophy, while the training in Classical Studies will enhance the candidate’s understanding of ancient philosophical texts in a number of crucial ways, such as attention to genre and expressive values in literary style and to crucial poetical, oratorical, historical, religious, and scientific contexts.

For more information about this program, contact Professor Stephen Scully, (617-353-2427) or Professor David Roochnik in the Philosophy department.