Shu Wang (Class of ’16) and Huijue Lyu (Class of ’19)

In Vitro Reconstitution of the Remaining Steps in Ovothiol A Biosynthesis: C–S Lyase and Methyltransferase Reactions Ovothiols are thiolhistidine derivatives. The first step of ovothiol biosynthesis is OvoA-catalyzed oxidative coupling between histidine and cysteine. In this report, the remaining steps of ovothiol A biosynthesis were reconstituted in vitro. ETA_14770 (OvoB) was reported as a PLP-dependent sulfoxide lyase, […]

Chen Sun (Class of ’16)

Square-planar Co(iii) in {O4} coordination: large ZFS and reactivity with ROS Oxidation of distorted square-planar perfluoropinacolate Co compound [CoII(pinF)2]2−, 1, to [CoIII(pinF)2]1−, 2, is reported. Rigidly square-planar 2 has an intermediate-spin, S = 1, ground state and very large zero-field splitting (ZFS) with D = 67.2 cm−1; |E| = 18.0 cm−1, (E/D = 0.27), g⊥ = 2.10, g‖ = 2.25 and χTIP = 1950 × 10−6 cm3 mol−1. This Co(III) species, 2, reacts […]

Andrew Burwash (Class of ’18)

Molecular Insights into human hereditary apolipoprotein AI amyloidosis caused by the Glu34Lys mutation Hereditary apolipoprotein A-I (apoA-I) amyloidosis is a life-threatening incurable genetic disorder whose molecular underpinnings are unclear. In this disease, variant apoA-I, the major structural and functional protein of high-density lipoprotein, is released in a free form, undergoes an α-helix to intermolecular cross-β-sheet […]

Douglas Ober (Class of ’16), Yining Jiang (Class of ’18)

Experimental maps of DNA structure at nucleotide resolution distinguish intrinsic from protein-induced DNA deformations, Robert N Azad, Dana Zafiropoulos, Douglas Ober, Yining Jiang, Tsu-Pei Chiu, Jared M Sagendorf, Remo Rohs, Thomas D Tullius, Nucleic Acids Research, Volume 46, Issue 5, 16 March 2018, Pages 2636–2647 Recognition of DNA by proteins depends on DNA sequence and […]

Shu Wang (Class of ’16)

Use of a Tyrosine Analogue To Modulate the Two Activities of a Nonheme Iron Enzyme OvoA in Ovothiol Biosynthesis, Cysteine Oxidation versus Oxidative C–S Bond Formation, Li Chen, Nathchar Naowarojna, Heng Song, Shu Wang, Jiangyun Wang, Zixin Deng, Changming Zhao, and Pinghua Liu, Journal of the American Chemical Society 2018 140 (13), 4604-4612 Ovothiol is […]

Melissa Quill (Class of ’19) and Meiling Xu (Class of ’19)

Mini-Review: Ergothioneine and Ovothiol Biosyntheses, an Unprecedented Trans-Sulfur Strategy in Natural Product Biosynthesis, Nathchar Naowarojna, Ronghai Cheng, Li Chen, Melissa Quill, Meiling Xu, Changming Zhao, and Pinghua Liu, Biochemistry 2018 57 (24), 3309-3325 As one of the most abundant elements on earth, sulfur is part of many small molecular metabolites and is key to their […]

Jada White (Class of ’19)

“Liquid‐Liquid Slug‐Flow‐Accelerated [2+2] Photocycloaddition of Cinnamates”, R. Telmesani, J. A. H. White, A. B. Beeler, ChemPhotoChem 2018, 2, 865. [2+2] photocycloaddition of cinnamates, using a previously described cone reactor and a bis‐thiourea catalyst, is greatly accelerated by employing liquid–liquid slug flow. In most cases, a four‐fold acceleration in reaction time was observed with equivalent or […]