Hymnody Mini-Conference, Monday, November 8th.

The BU School of Theology has a long history of involvement with hymnody in both its practical and academic aspects. The Reverend Dr. Carl P. Daw, Jr., retired Lecturer of Hymnology, and Curator of the Hymnological Collections at STH, wrote a history of some of the notable people associated with BU who were prominent in the field, demonstrating STH’s historic involvement and contribution.

HymnbooksTo begin a new period in the history of the discipline at STH a group of faculty and staff have been meeting to determine how best to honor our legacy and collection, and to move forward with a deeper engagement with aspects of global hymnody.

The first event is a mini-conference to be held in person and via zoom in November, hosted by Professors Westerfield Tucker and Shenton. This will feature several distinguished alumni including David Bjorlin and Stephanie Budwey. The conference will include a discussion on the pedagogy surrounding hymnology, the BU/STH legacy, and initial planning for a larger conference on global hymnody scheduled for 2022.

Date:                     Monday, 8 November 2021
Time:                     2:30 PM to 5:30 PM
Location:              STH 325 and by Zoom [https://bostonu.zoom.us/j/3070203534]

Dave Bjorlin
Cheryl Boots
Steph Budwey
Amy Limpitlaw
Dana Robert

Andrew Shenton
Karen Westerfield Tucker

2:15 PM               Meet and greet
2:30 PM              Dana Robert introduction to BU STH and global hymnody + conference. General discussion of rationale points and ideas for ways forward
2:45 PM              Amy Limpitlaw & Karen W-T on BU’s collection, tradition, etc. /alums      
3:30 PM              Steph Budwey & Dave Bjorlin on emerging topics in hymnody
4:10 PM              Break
4:20 PM              Dave Bjorlin & Cheryl Boots panel on hymn writing
5:00 PM              General discussion (chaired by Andrew Shenton)
5:30 PM              End

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