CFA Student Lounges

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Catch up with friends, enjoy a lunch break, or attend a social event

BU College of Fine Arts students spend a lot of time in class and rehearsals. We welcome our students to slow down and take a break in our student lounges. They provide a great space to do your work or to connect with other student artists.

College is about your education, but it’s also about building lifetime friendships and engaging in activities that are good for the mind and soul!

CFA has
student lounges!
One on the second floor, exiting right from the elevators. The other is on the first floor of CFA in room 102 and it’s been completely renovated!

At the first-floor student lounge, our Student Services team hosts multiple events throughout the year – from stress reliever events with relaxing activities like origami and coloring to game and movie nights.

Events with the Dean also take place in the student lounge. Get to know CFA Dean Harvey Young while you enjoy a donut, pizza, or a cup of coffee. Check out the CFA Calendar to see what student events are happening next!

CFA Calendar

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