Doctor of Musical Arts in Music Education Online

Leadership Through Scholarship

It’s the questions that drive you: What kinds of music do students listen to at home? Why are some students motivated to practice when others are not? In what ways can you use music to open the world to them? How can new technology improve the classroom experience? More broadly, how can you and other music education professionals effect change in our government’s arts and education policies?

Despite successful outcomes, you’re not satisfied with yesterday’s successes. For you, the classroom or studio is a laboratory. You seek new and better techniques to encourage students to improve as musicians and succeed as well-rounded people. When you find something that works, you want to share it with other music professionals. Perhaps you have participated in a teacher research group in your school district, presented a clinic on best practices at a music conference, or have been invited to teach a course at a local college. It was a satisfying professional experience.

Now, you’re ready for more. You’re eager to develop your scholarship, keep your musicianship sharp, and continue your teaching career. This is where online learning comes in. We’ve designed this program for you to be an important member of a small, academically rigorous online doctoral program without uprooting your family or leaving the work that fulfills you.

You will prepare for advancement in the field of music education by developing and honing research skills, sharpening proficiency in theory and history, developing a specialization, and producing a dissertation of publishable quality that adds new knowledge, moving the field of music education forward. Your dissertation can become the basis for a scholarly article, series of articles, or book.

Along the way, you’ll develop close relationships with our expert faculty, who teach both online and on campus, and benefit from their guidance. Many of our online doctoral students have collaborated with faculty mentors on music education research and have presented alongside faculty at international conferences.

Join the ranks of scholars redefining music education for the 21st century.

Music education needs new leaders.

Join us. Let’s get started.