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At Boston University, we believe that every person, regardless of age or prior experience, deserves to participate in the arts. Exposure to the arts is essential, but understanding them in historical and cultural context is equally as vital. Music and visual art can be simple pleasures, but fully appreciating their intricate beauty and meaning takes commitment. How can we inspire students to make that commitment? How do we introduce students to a richer life through the arts, uncovering in them abilities they never dreamed they had? Teachers.

As a teacher, you offer the world to students through music and artits history, culture, and humanity. You have experienced the thrill of unlocking a piece of music or a painting to a student whose life was changed forever. And that changes the world. More than ever, people across the globe have access to artistic expression from other cultures. With the help of technology, we can celebrate, grieve, and grow together as one human family. Technology has also spread advanced arts education to teachers everywhere who now pursue degree programs without uprooting families or suspending careers.

Here at BU, teachers from across America and around the world earn degrees from a university that practically invented music education in America and has taught art education for over 60 years. Our faculty of internationally recognized scholars, performers, and educators work to promote a greater understanding of the arts in society, create provocative new work, and expand access to teaching and learning. They are eager to share their work and passion for the arts in all its forms with you.

What our graduates say

“Attending Boston University online was an amazing opportunity for personal and professional growth. I feel connected to a wide range of artist teachers worldwide. The professors were knowledgeable beyond my expectations. I feel that what I learned will broaden and expand my teaching. I would highly recommend this program to any artist teacher professional. ”Kara Rehm, Pittsgrove, NJ (CFA’17, MA)

“This program required me to view important issues in music education through a philosophical and sociological lens. I learned how to develop a curriculum that incorporates the interests and beliefs of all types of students. I found that the material covered in the program could be immediately applied to my own classroom. The material has greatly improved my teaching techniques and philosophy. The concepts learned can be applied to any type of music classroom.”Amy Intrieri, Marietta, PA (CFA’18, MM)

“The doctoral program in music education at the Boston University College of Fine Arts has been an incredibly rewarding, challenging, and invaluable experience to me from start to finish! I’m grateful to have been a part of this academic journey, and to my dissertation advisor, and the wonderful faculty and staff that have made it such an indelible experience for me.”
—Garinee Garmanian Jording (CFA’18, DMA)

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