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What Sets Boston University Apart from the Competition?

Boston University’s online Master's of Data Science program is perfectly positioned to meet the ever-growing demand for AI and data science. Nearly all disciplines — from health care and automotive to marketing and e-commerce — are seeing the impact that data science has on navigating data to shape smarter business decisions.

Future-Proof Your Career.

Experience a relevant and flexible data science curriculum from a world-class university. Answer complex, strategic questions using big data and apply that knowledge on the job to future-proof your career. 

Dive into Opportunity.

Break into or advance in one of the worlds fastest-growing fields. Leverage the expertise and networking opportunities that Boston University’s faculty and industry experts bring to the program.

Global Reach, Local Impact.

Through this online program, you can collaborate with global leaders and working professionals across a variety of scientific, business, and other sectors. Open doors to every sector undergoing digital transformation, including tech, energy, health care, professional services, and more.

Unlock the Potential.

Data science is a catalyst for change. Ensure your skills are up to date with all of the latest advancements in data science, AI, and machine learning to support a rapidly evolving workforce.

In-Demand Skills

Boston University’s online Master of Data Science Program offers a highly engaging and immersive experience, empowering you to gain the critical thinking and technical skills necessary to advance your computer science and data analysis skills in the rapidly growing fields of data science, AI, business analytics, machine learning, and time management skills.

Master of Data Science online classes equip you with the practical skills that employers are seeking to address today’s business challenges:

  • Machine learning
  • Predictive modeling
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Big data analytics
  • Natural language processing
  • Deep learning
  • Data mining
  • Data visualization

As a graduate of Boston University’s online Master of Data Science program, you will be able to interpret complex data sets, communicate the results of your analysis to a non-technical audience, structure projects to best inform data-driven decision-making, and operate ethically in the role of a professional data scientist. This comprehensive program can prepare you for a wide variety of career advancement opportunities in this dynamic field.

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Online Data Science at Boston University: FAQs

How do I know if an online data science degree is right for me?

An online data science degree might be right for you if you need a flexible program, enjoy problem-solving, have an analytical mindset, and are curious about extracting insights from data. Attend a free webinar to learn more about this online degree program and the benefits of online education at Boston University.

How do online data science degrees differ from traditional on-campus programs?

When choosing between online learning and on-campus data science master’s degree programs, consider factors like flexibility, learning style, and career goals. Benefits of online education at BU include flexibility and convenience, while on-campus options provide in-person networking and collaboration opportunities. However, the online MS in Data Science at BU is a student-oriented experience that includes networking and mentorship opportunities for students. Choose what aligns best with your needs!

What networking opportunities exist for online data science students?

Boston University’s master’s level online data science degree offers a variety of virtual engagement and networking opportunities for students. While the program is 100% online, you’ll have access to weekly live sessions, allowing you to connect with faculty, peers, and industry professionals. These interactions provide valuable networking experiences as you advance in your data science journey. Consider attending a free webinar about the program to learn more.

Is a data science degree valuable?

Why study data science? The answer varies, depending on your goals in this growing field. In general, pursuing an online data science degree can be highly valuable, especially given the field’s growth and demand for skilled professionals. Many reputable universities offer online data science master’s programs, allowing flexibility for working professionals and remote learners. Attend a webinar to learn more about our online data science degree.

How can I balance work, study, and personal life while pursuing an online data science degree?

For students who want to become data scientists, balancing work, study, and personal life while pursuing an online master’s in data science requires effective time management. Prioritize tasks, create a study schedule, and allocate time for relaxation and self-care. Remember, consistency is key!