CDS Industry Connections Lecture Series

Industry Connections Lecture Series

Technology Experts Sharing Their Experiences, Expertise, and Job Market Insights

Past Events

Learning from Failure: How a Global Outage Can Improve System Design with Jeromy Carriere

February 20, 2024 | 4:00-5:00 PM

BU Computing & Data Sciences, 665 Commonwealth Ave., 17th floor, Boston

BU Computing & Data Sciences Industry Connections About the Talk: In March 2023, Datadog experienced a multi-hour global outage of its services, impacting almost every customer. This talk will discuss the outage timeline, its root cause, and the factors that contributed to its breadth and duration. But more importantly, we'll discuss what we learned from the outage, and how it informs ongoing improvements to Datadog's systems and principles of design.

About the Speaker: Jeromy is Senior Vice President of Engineering at Datadog, where he leads engineering for all of Datadog’s product areas including Infrastructure Monitoring, Log Management, Application Performance Monitoring, Security, Service Management, and User Experience Monitoring. Prior to Datadog, Jeromy was an engineering director at Facebook, leading a team building a service management platform for Facebook's private cloud. Before that, he was at Google, where his teams built the Google Stackdriver product suite for monitoring, logging, and tracing as part of the Google Cloud Platform. Jeromy previously played architect and management roles at eBay, Yahoo!, Vistaprint, Fidelity Investments, Microsoft, and AOL, and co-founded Kinitos and

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Preparing for Industry with Marina Hatsopoulos

Wed., November 29, 2023 | 4:00-5:00 PM

BU Computing & Data Sciences, 665 Commonwealth Ave., 17th floor, Boston

About the Talk: Entering the workforce is a daunting transition which requires a shift in mindset. Important decisions which will impact your professional trajectory can be made easier after some introspection about what makes you unique. With most net new jobs in the U.S. created by startups less than five years old, you may want to consider the benefits of working at a startup as compared to an established company. Once in the workplace, conflict will be unavoidable, and how you approach these scenarios can impact your career growth. This talk is intended to help guide your thinking as you transition to a new phase of life without the framework of school.

About the Speaker: Marina Hatsopoulos is Board Chair of Levitronix Technologies, the worldwide leader in magnetically-levitated bearingless motor technology, and President of Hellenic Innovation Network, which serves as a bridge for startups expanding from Greece to the U.S. She is on the MIT Corporation Visiting Committee for the Department of Mechanical Engineering. She is on the Advisory Board of the Nantucket Conference, MIT Enterprise Forum Greece, Eurobank’s EGG accelerator, Mindspace Entrepreneurship Program and MIT ReACT. She was Founding CEO of Z Corporation, an early leader in 3D printing out of MIT, and has served on numerous corporate boards, both public and private. She was a Director of Cynosure Inc., a $400 million leader in the laser aesthetics market; GSI Group, a $300 million supplier of laser-based equipment; and Contex Holding, a $100 million leading manufacturer of large-format scanners.

She speaks regularly on topics related to entrepreneurship at MIT Bootcamps and all over the world, and profiles about her have run in Fortune, Forbes, Fast Company, Boston Business Journal, Boston Magazine, and Technology Review. Her business writing has appeared in Venturebeat, The Observer, CEO World Magazine, Design News, Time Compression Technologies, and Jumpstart: Launching Your Business Venture, Profitably and Successfully (Aspatore, 2003). She was Speaker, Tedx. She has also written prize-winning essays and short stories which have been published in Antioch Review, Missouri Review, Bellevue Literary, and other literary journals. She holds B.A. degrees from Brown University in Math and in Music, and an M.S. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Mechanical Engineering.

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The Evolution of Media Technology for the Online World with Jeremy Doig

Tues., November 7, 2023 | 4:00-5:00 PM

BU Computing & Data Sciences, 665 Commonwealth Ave., 17th floor, Boston

BU Industry Connections with Jeremy Doig

About the Talk: In this Industry Connections talk, Jeremy will discuss the origins of and motivation for Google's significant investment in free, open-source media technologies and how the industry needed to change. Looking forward, he will cover new areas of development and opportunities for engineers entering the field.

About the Speaker: Jeremy Doig's history spans large-scale systems and multimedia at the BBC, Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Disney—in that time, he has pioneered new standards for online media, spanning novel compression approaches for audio and video, streaming protocols for real-time and on-demand delivery, and spatial experiences.

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