Why ChatGPT Is Both Exciting and Unsettling for Students, Faculty

Forty-seven CDS undergraduates in Wesley Wildman’s Data, Society and Ethics (CDS DS 380) class—the first ever—spent the last few weeks writing a blueprint for academic use of ChatGPT and similar artificial intelligence models, called the Generative AI Assistance (GAIA) Policy. They intend to follow it in the classroom and hope it will be a starting point as the University moves to deal with ChatGPT in the classroom. 

The 550-word policy hashed out over several of Wildman’s class sessions, sometimes in small groups, “adopts a few commonsense limitations on an otherwise embracing approach to LLMs” (large language models, another term for chatbots like ChatGPT), Wildman says. The policy addresses grading, the disparity between students who use ChatGPT and those who don’t, and the possible positive uses of the technology. 

Read the BU Today story and access the policy.

Download the Generative AI Assistance (GAIA) Policy