Boston’s Changing Skyscape

Photo by Janice Checchio for Boston University Photography.

Multiple “state-of-the-art” buildings have popped up across the city, reshaping how locals and tourists view the Boston skyline. These buildings have brought transformative innovation to multiple industries that call the city home. 

Excerpted fromBoston’s Architectural Scene Gets A Wakeup Call” (Forbes, 12/26/22) by Jeffrey Steele: 

"Concurrently, KPMB Architects imbued the Center for Computing & Data Sciences with a look of stacked boxes and cantilevers, delivering an appearance not only distinctive, but downright controversial. Rising above the Charles River’s banks, the Center offers a head-turning backdrop for the river’s iconic crew races, in which teams from Boston University, MIT and Harvard University have long and colorfully vied [...]”.

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