Mayank Varia Appointed Tenure

Mayank Varia has been formally appointed as a tenured Associate Professor in CDS and will serves as Faculty Director of the CDS Hub for Civic Tech Impact, an umbrella for many of the research and educational initiatives that connect with governance of data and algorithmic decision making.

A scholar and teacher, he researches theoretical and applied cryptography and its application to problems throughout – and beyond – computer science. His specific expertise is in studying the societal, legal, and public policy impacts of advances in cybersecurity,

Part of a small group of trailblazing researchers from multiple disciplines, Varia is at the forefront of defining a transdisciplinary area of research aimed at understanding (and to some extent regulating) the interplay between individuals and society and the algorithmic decision-making systems that permeate modern life. Leveraging his training in algorithms and cryptography, Varia is one of a handful of computer scientists in that space.

Timely and impactful, his original research agenda of societally relevant “research that matters” is precisely the type of work that defines the faculty of CDS and we are excited to see what the coming years bring.

Congratulations, Professor Varia, on these appointments!