MassMutual/BU Partnership

Bloomberg Radio (8/24) 4:43 PM EDT

00:03:03 to 00:04:22 transcribed below

MassMutual is making a big announcement. You’re making a sizable donation. Where and why?

So MassMutual is donating $1million to Boston University’s Faculty of Computing & Data Sciences. This is a gift that is going to fund a professor with real-world expertise, boost diversity efforts in the field, and award some undergraduate stipends as we look to continue to support data science and data¬† engineering. So I think we have a very very strong uh community in the data science and data engineering and with this gift we hope it can continue to further develop young talent for the Boston community.

Can you help connect some dots for us? How would data science improve business?

Sure. MassMutual’s business revolves heavily around using science, engineering, technology and data partnerships to really help inform strategic business decisions. By securing leveraging data about people’s age, health, lifestyle, and other factors it let’s us create better policies for our customers and for our company and really for the customer’s benefit. That data let’s us run a better business and let’s us create better solutions for our clients and customers.