FY101 is a one-credit class that serves as a semester-long introduction to BU and college life. Each section is taught in combination by a BU staff member and a student peer mentor.

You will meet weekly with a small group of other incoming students. Each class will be designed to get to know each other and to navigate the transition to BU and Boston. Through discussions, activities, class outings and program-wide events, you will learn how to get involved at BU, balance your time, adjust to BU classes and explore your personal interests and values as they relate to your first semester.

FY101 is low stress and helps you get the most out of your first semester at BU.

Students can register for up to 18 credits* in their first semester at BU. Most students will register for 16 credits with 4 academic classes. You can add FY101 with one of your extra credits at no additional cost.
*Students in KHC can register for up to 20 credits at no additional cost

When registration opens for new students in June 2022, you can add FY101 on the Student Link* under CAS FY101 (Transfer and Wheelock Sections are found under HUB FY101).

*Check the “Notes” section of the Student Link to see which section is right for you!

We are offering 44 sections of FY101 in Fall 2022. Each section is college-specific; there are sections for students in the College of Arts & Sciences, Undeclared Students in the College of Arts & Sciences, students in the College of Communication, the Questrom School of Business, and the Wheelock College of Education and Human Development. There are also two sections of the course reserved for first-generation college students from all colleges (those who are the first in their family to go to a four-year college in the US), and five sections for transfer students from all colleges (our transfer sections count for one Hub unit in Individual in the Community).


Benefits of FY101

  • As soon as the first week of classes, you will become integrated into a welcoming and engaging community that will start with your instructor, peer mentor, and fellow classmates.
  • You will have the opportunity to make connections with peers thanks to the small class sizes (no more than 17 students per class).
  • You will get to know the people and resources at BU that will help you succeed personally, academically, and socially.
  • You will be given time to reflect on your transition to college and grow as a scholar and individual.
  • You will get exclusive opportunities to explore Boston on evenings and weekends with other FY101 students and peer mentors. Some of the events during the fall will include:

 Small Group Outings Around Boston – Faculty Panel
Budgeting Workshop – Resume Workshops – Study Abroad Expo

Exclusive Weekend Excursions for FY101 Students

Excursions will run on weekends through October. All students enrolled in FY101 will receive a weekly newsletter in order to register in advance. Space is limited.
Past weekend excursions have included:

Boston Duck Boat Tours – Boston Red Sox
Neighborhood Outings Including Food (Fenway, Coolidge Corner and Newbury Street)

E-mail Director of CAS Student Programs and Leadership, Stacy Ulrich- srulrich@bu.edu
or contact the Office of Student Programs and Leadership at ospl@bu.edu